From My Heart

From-The-HeartThe MOST intense craving, seamless longing, and incessant hunger of my life is to LOVE MY DADDY with wide-armed, reckless abandon - with everything I have, all I know (& ever will know), never counting the cost... to passionately adore Him with an unabridged heart, from the deepest caverns of my soul, the innermost recesses of my mind, and with every thread of my strength... ("Father, I CRAZY love You!!!")

A dialogue between Jesus Christ & Peter, His disciple, is recorded in Scripture in John 21:15-17. That conversation forever changed my life and honed my purpose for being on this planet. To paraphrase, it went something like this: Three times, Jesus asked Peter, "Do you love Me?" Each time, Peter replied, "Yes, Lord, You know I love You." Jesus drove His point home by His repetitious response, "Then, take care of My sheep [My people]."

THE QUESTION: How can I most effectually demonstrate my love & devotion to my Beloved?

MY ANSWER: GIVE MY LIFE AWAY... to bless, serve, & love humanity. (Hence, the song "Given Away" is my heart's anthem sardine-packed in 5:38!)



  1. To GIVE AWAY  THE POTENT LOVE OF JESUS with each note sung or played;  and
  2. To GIVE AWAY ALL REVENUE GENERATED to "our" Project Giving families!!  It's that simple!  WE WANT TO GIVE IT ALL AWAY...  EVERY PENNY!!!   No one is recouping any money spent on producing the CD, renting the Macon City Auditorium, or any other aspect.  It's all for HIS GLORY and "PUTTING LEGS ON LOVE" as we press into our community and bring healing to those who are suffering from chronic medical illnesses (like daddies with stage 4 throat cancer, children with brain tumors, mommies with inoperable sarcomas, husbands with renal failure, and grandmothers with heart disease).   Project Giving meets their practical needs (such as providing mortgage payments, plane tickets to medical treatments, electricity bills, stocking pantries, cutting grass) and blankets them with the love of a Savior Who is MIGHTY TO SAVE!

To find out more information or to partner with us, please, visit our website at PROJECTGIVING.NET!
(All donations are precious and tax-deductible.)

Concert Photos

"HE IS..."

My Lemonade Vitamin 
Water Hydration
My Never-Run-Dry
 Filling Station
My Concentrated 
Mercy Drink
My Real Thing 
My Missing Link
My Krispy Kreme 
(Pure Delight!)
My Victory 
Before I Fight
My 2nd Chance
My Chosen Guy
My Rock-Star- 
My Handsome Groom 
My Forever-Be
My Measure Of 
My Muscle Milk
My Never-Sour
My Grace-Sufficient
Relentless Power
My Neosporin
My Gorilla Glue
Old English Polish
Makes All Things New
My Pulse, My Rhythm
My Peanut Butter
My Favorite 
Incessant Lover
My White-Out
Magic Eraser
My Need-Meeter
And Dream-Chaser
My Eternal Bleaching
Washing Machine
My 409
My Mr. Clean
My Sharpy Marker
Eternal Sensation
Rock of Salvation
My Superhero
My Ironman
My King of Kings
My Biggest Fan...
That's what "HE IS" to ME...

Piano Medley Soaking Music